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Secure Your Spouse Visa with Confidence

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Simplifying Spouse Visa Services

Also known as a marriage visa or partner visa, the foreign government permits every citizen who lives abroad to invite their spouse with this visa. To get a spouse visa, one must be legally married. At, we streamline your experience with spouse visa applications with the guidance of the best spouse visa consultants from our team.


Begin Your Journey with a Trusted Spouse Visa Consultant

Begin Your Journey with a Trusted Spouse Visa Consultant

To get a spouse visa in any country, one must have a fund of at least 10 lakhs. In Canada and Australia, the spouse visa or dependent visa is available six months after the departure of a partner to another country. In the UK, though, this rule doesn’t apply. At, our expert team will help you understand the different regulations and requirements of different countries. All such rules are well-checked and explained by our expert consultants at to help you acquire a spouse visa successfully.


Benefits of Spouse Visa Services

Avoid Long-distance relationship

Live together abroad with a spouse visa and say goodbye to long-distance relationships

Find Your Way to Citizenship

Get the opportunity to acquire citizenship of a country once you have the spouse visa.

Explore Life Abroad

Find opportunities to travel abroad with your partner, get employment support, and access the local education system with a dependent visa.

Employment Support

Visa holders can often support their partners by working abroad.

Access to Education

Visa holders may access the local education system for their children,


Get Spouse Visas for Top International Destinations

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