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USCIS Extends Green Card Validity For Conditional PR

For living in the USA you should have a Permanent Residencial card or Green Card either permanent or conditional and after some years you can get citizenship. However, the government authority that operates all the services and policies relating to immigration in the US is USCIS, i.e., United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Therefore, one can easily renew their green card by properly filling out Form i-90. But due to covid and other situations, USCIS is concerned with the increasing immigration backlogs. Additionally, the people living there as well as moving for traveling purposes are facing problems as well. Therefore, the USCIS extends green card validity for conditional PR with pending forms I-751 and form I-829. A person filing Form I-829 after 11 January 2023 and Form I-751 after 25 January 2023 will get their green card extended for 48 months, past their expiration dates.

Conditional PR

A person can easily live and work in the US wherever they want but with some conditions and restrictions. The conditional PR has a green card validation of two years and after that, they have to renew their card for staying further in the nation. A person with Conditional PR can stay wherever they want, work accordingly in any private organization, and can have the privilege of many US rules and rights.

The eligibility criteria for conditional PR varies from person to person. If you have move to the country for business purposes and want to settle your business here. Then you will get a conditional permanent resident status easily as you are creating jobs for American citizens. Moreover, getting marry to a US citizen will also make you eligible for a conditional green card. But it is necessary to be a legal marriage with a permanent US citizen and have a marriage certificate as evidence of legal marriage. 

How To Remove Conditions For Permanent Residence

A person having a conditional residence is eligible to stay and work in the US for a time period of two years. After that, they have to renew their conditional green cards within the 90days before the expiration date of their cards. For being a permanent resident in the US it is necessary to file Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Form I-751 mutually with your spouse. Before filling out the form ensure that you are marry to the same person for two years, and who is a permanent resident of the US. 

However, prepare the documents beforehand like the evidence of your marriage, legal statements showing that you do not have any criminal record, and your current green card. If you are a person here for business purposes then you have to file a different form. But with a conditional residency through marriage, you have to file Form I-751 with all the important information necessary for removing conditions from your green card. Therefore, it is obligatory to file the form within 90 days before your conditional green card gets expires and wait for approval from the USCIS. 

The Announcement Made By USICS For Conditional PR

The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services on 23 January 2023, declare that the validity for conditional PR is extended for 48 months past the card’s expiration date. The petitioners who properly file Form I-751(Petition to remove conditions on residence) and  Form I-829 (Petition by investors to remove conditions on permanent residential status) can get their green cards renewed accordingly. However, these changes have come into effect from 11 January 2023 for Form I-829 and 25 January 2023 for Form I-751. 

USCIS has taken such actions in account to house the current processing time for Form I-751 and Form I-829 which has been increasing for some time. Hence, they have made changes in the phrasing of the forms receipt notice that says, USCIS extends green card validity for conditional PR for 48 months for those who newly file Form I-751 and Form I-829. According to this, the person who is eligible for conditional PR has got an extension shorter than 48 months USCIS will reissue the receipt notice to them with an extended period and also to those whose applications are pending. 

Reasons For Application Rejections

It is not easy to get permanent resident status in the US, as it got frequent rejections from USCIS. There are many reasons that your application for removing conditions from your green card gets rejection. Hence, for avoiding the denial of the application is it necessary to know the reasons and not make any mistakes for that. 

  • Send your application on time because making any kind of delay in the submission of your form will lead to the denial of your application. Therefore, send it in the time being but if it got late for some reason then make sure your reason is valid and acceptable by USCIS. 
  • Properly filing Form I-751 jointly with your spouse is necessary, as any kind of misinformation will cause to rejection of your application. Hence make sure that the information you are providing is all right and that you have evidence for the information you are submitting. 
  • It is very much important to provide all the documentations that are ask for the conversion of a conditional green card to a permanent one. Because a single missing document will make you faulty in the eyes of law and may lead to the cancelation of your residential status. 
  • Make sure you do not have any pending criminal cases before applying for conditions removal, as it makes USCIS and DHS suspicious about your status. Therefore, it is necessary to submit a legal statement showing that you do not have any legal charges going on or criminal cases pending.

Therefore, USCIS extends green card validity for conditional PR for 48 months to clear their immigration backlogs of pending applications. You can properly file Form I-751 and Form I-829 to get your conditional green cards renewed for 48 months beyond the expiration of your green cards. USCIS has modify the language of the form receipt notice with the new validity dates. However, the receipt notice is shown together with an expired green card to freely work and stay in the US for the next 48 months. 

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