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Teaching Jobs In The UK For Indian teachers

Teaching employment in the United Kingdom for Indian instructors can open the door to a rewarding career in one of the world’s most developed economies. Before you ask how to acquire a teaching jobs in the UK for Indian teachers, you should realize that this sector has a bright future. Teaching positions provide competitive pay and benefits to competent individuals, as well as several prospects for advancement in the future. The position includes not only educating and guiding students, but also evaluations, marking, managing recreational activities, lesson preparation, and other organizational chores.

Primary V/S Secondary School Teachers

If we talk about primary school teachers, then they teach all subjects to the students while on the other hand, if we talk about secondary school teachers, those teachers only taught the subjects in which they have specialized in. Numerous schools in the UK hire teachers who have specialized in the subject. Subjects like – Maths, English, History, Music as well as many more.

So, in today’s article, I’m going to be telling you what qualifications you require to work in the UK. All about the QTS, teaching jobs in the UK for Indian teachers, the very importance of your rule, what salary you can expect, and how you can even land a job where you can find these jobs. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s cover the basics.

To teach in England, you require teaching skills and experience to pass a criminal and professional safeguarding check and to get the right visa or status. What also helps is if you have QTS, the first thing you need to know is about.

What Exactly Do You Mean By QTS?

QTS, or qualified teacher status, is the professional status attained by teachers in England after the completion of their teaching training. You could now work as an educator in the UK for a maximum of four years if you graduated outside the UK. Following that, you will require QTS to instruct in a variety of schools. It is not required by law in all sorts of schools.

How You Can Get Your QTS?

If you are holding a degree program or else you have any kind of 2 years of teaching experience, then you may consider the QTS. You can obtain QTS by following the assessment-only path with no further training. If you as a teacher have a degree but have limited teaching experience, you can train to teach on a course that will give you QTS by applying to the TRA, the Teaching Regulation Agency or you can complete a teacher training course in England.

Apply To The Teaching Regulation Agency

Now, if you look at the first route which is to apply to the Teaching Regulation Agency, you can apply if you are from the EEA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, or the USA. You can provide proof that you are recognized as a teacher in the nation where you are trained and that you have been not barred or limited from teaching due to a professional punishment.

Now, this evidence can include documents that show your official status as a teacher from the organization that regulates teachers in your country. You will not need to do any further teaching training or undergo an assessment to get QTS via this route.

The second route is the assessment only QTS to demonstrate that you meet the standards for qualified teacher status. If you have a teaching qualification for a country that is not a part of the EEA and is not Gibraltar, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, or the USA, the assessment-only QTS may be the most appropriate route for you.

Assessment-only QTS means experienced teachers with degrees can gain QTS without doing a teacher training program. You can apply to a UK government-approved teacher training provider in England for an assessment showing that you meet the standards for QTS. Moreover, you do not need to visit the UK to be assessed or gain QTS. You can also come to England to teach under the four-year rule and you will be able to apply to a teacher training program offering assessment-only QTS in the region of England where you work. Your school can help you with this.

The Eligibility

In order to apply for assessment-only QTS, you do not need a formal training teacher qualification, but you must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience, a first degree from a UK or a non-UK university, and have achieved a standard equivalent to grade four in GCSE, English, Language, and Mathematics.

In case you’re teaching children aged three to eleven in an English primary school, the standard is equivalent to grade four in GCSE, Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.   

Visa Opportunities For Teachers In The UK

Below down we have mentioned some types of visa options for teachers. The relevant visas are available:

  • Youth Mobility Visa – This one is awarded for a two-year period. It allows chosen educators from other nations to work within the country.
  • Skilled Worker Visa – This is granted for a period of up to three years. This position is reserved for qualified foreign instructors.
  • Dual Citizenship Visa – This is accessible in infinity. This pertains to those who were born in the Kingdom, whether by one or both parents.
  • Ancestry Visa – This visa is valid for a period of five years. This applies to any Commonwealth candidate or anybody with at least one grandparent originating in the nation. 

Obtaining a career as a teacher in the UK is not difficult; nevertheless, foreign Indian hopefuls should thoroughly review the teacher training programs and other prerequisites before deciding on the sector. Hope you like the teaching jobs in the UK for Indian teachers information which is stated above. For motivated applicants in a variety of subjects, the country may provide an interesting and gratifying worldwide career as a teacher.

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