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Gap Acceptable For USA Study Visa

Studying in the United States of America is like dream come true for people who want to upgrade their skills or want to have a professional degree. Because the American Education System emphasizes more on practical knowledge over theoretical ones. It prefers students who learn from various aspects of life. Therefore, continuing your studies in the USA will improve your quality of life. But people wonder if the gap acceptable for USA study visa or not. And the answer to this is yes, the US accepts an academic gap for a study visa. 

Nowadays, taking hiatus from studies is a common thing among students. They take breaks from their studies for the preparation of entrance exams and to increase their chances of scoring high. However, scoring high will hike their possibilities of getting admission to famous Universities. Additionally, students opt for a gap due to personal reasons, or for having some work experience before enrolling in higher academics. Therefore, taking a study gap for a long duration can be problematic for getting a visa. So it is necessary to have an accurate gap with a good reason for taking a gap.

What Is A Study Gap?

Breaking your series of academics for a while to start it again is known as a study gap. This break is taken after higher secondary education or completion of graduation. Most of the students take one year or six months for preparing their entrance exams is a study gap. However, during these gaps, you can acquire some skills, professional experiences, and personal awareness. If you take a gap of more than one year it is necessary to have a genuine reason as well as proof. 

In the USA a gap year is known as the sabbatical year which is drawn by the students after completing graduation and for professional reasons. Hence, the purpose of a sabbatical year is not confined to studies only, it can be personal reasons also. But US universities require a proper explanation of the reason for a gap as well as SOP/SOE certifications if gaps are of longer duration. Taking a gap will not halt your study visa application if you had a valid reason for it. 

How Much Gap Is Acceptable?

A gap acceptable for USA study visa is of one year. The academic system of US is strict with its rules and regulations. Hence, a study gap of more than a year needs an appropriate reason with evidence. A longer duration break is not entertained unless the university itself feels the purpose for the gap is reasonable and during the period student had gained some personal value along with necessary work experience. 

Many students choose to take study gaps for applying to internship and training programs necessary for professional degrees. The universities appreciate such gaps that add value to student careers in vocational as well as in the real world other than academics. However, most students go for their hobbies or volunteering requires appropriate proof of their involvement. It is important to mention the reason for their gaps with the necessary evidence of their participation. 

Reasons Acceptable For The Study Gap In The USA

Taking an entire year gap or longer is frequent among students studying for entrance exams. But every student has their reasons for opting for a study gap, it can be personal or professional. However, if you are planning to take a study gap before applying for a study visa in USA then it is necessary to know that you should have a valid reason for doing so. Here are the reasons acceptable for resuming studies in USA. 

Educational Reason 

The universities of US accept the educational reason for the study gap. If the student has taken a gap for clearing his/her previous education backlog. Then their applications can be accepted only after specifying the appropriate reason for the backlog. Moreover, reasons like preparing for entrance exams, or appearing for the national level exam are acceptable. Many times students have to opt for a gap due to a change of mind during the ongoing semester or year. Therefore, they have to wait for the ongoing year to complete before applying for the course.  

Personal Reasons

There can be any reason for taking a study gap and not having adequate financial support is one of them. However, not having appropriate finance for studying in the US can be a strong cause for taking a year gap before applying. Students facing medical problems also create hindrances in their motive of applying for a study visa. Hence, they have to take a gap for focussing on their health conditions. The reason for the mishappening in the family is acceptable to the universities. 

Professional Reasons

Students applying for professional postgraduation degrees require one year of working experience in the field. Therefore, they have to take a year’s gap before applying for the course in USA. Many students take a gap to join internship and training programs in famous companies for upgrading their CVs. The US universities also accept the reasons for volunteering purposes with valid evidence. Additionally, study gaps taken for pursuing hobbies or starting a new business are also acceptable. 

How To Cover The Gap For A USA Study Visa?

However, being curious about the gap acceptable for USA study visa a student may also wonder about how to cover this gap for fewer complications in the application process. These are some tips for covering the gaps for an education visa.

  • Medical Certificate:- You can apply with a medical certificate claiming your reason for being unhealthy and not being able to move earlier. This certification is need to be valid with the doctor’s report on your case. However, with this certificate, you can easily cover the gap for 2-3 years and take admission without any obstacles. 
  • Certification of Course:- If you have taken a gap for pursuing another course then it is necessary to submit the completion certificate of your course. Therefore, it will appear as proof that you have that particular skill and knowledge for pursuing further studies. 
  • Experience Certification:- The main reason for your taking a study gap for many students is finance or they require working experience for applying to a particular course. Therefore, the students taking a gap for work in an organization requires to submit their experience certificate with the salary slips for proofing the duration of work and experience. 

Hence, it is right to say that taking a study gap is acceptable for a USA study visa. However many people take gaps to manage their conditions and advance their experience so that they can take the best university for brightening their future. These gaps can be the most precious time for a student opting to study abroad. 

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